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Endocrine Connections in the spotlight

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SfE members received the gift of free publishing* in Endocrine Connections this year – the Society’s open-access endocrinology journal.

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We spoke to Society member Lawrence Hayes from the University of Cumbria regarding his recent free publication in Endocrine Connections entitled ‘Exercise training improves free testosterone in lifelong sedentary aging men’. Endocrine Connections 2017 6 306–310 doi:10.1530/EC-17-0082.

‘We conducted this study because previous investigations have displayed considerable ambiguity around the effect of exercise on testosterone.

‘A group of lifelong sedentary ageing men were given a regime of aerobic exercise in line with the public health guidelines of 150 minutes per week. The participants were then moved to a regime of low frequency–high intensity interval training. Total and free testosterone were measured before and after each change in exercise regime.

‘The results of our study showed that total testosterone was increased by just doing the minimum physical activity recommended by the guidelines.

What was surprising was that when we reduced exercise training volume to high intensity interval training once every 5 days, total testosterone was maintained at a higher level, sex hormone binding globulin did not increase and overall free testosterone was increased. Free testosterone is not bound to a carrier protein in the blood, enabling it to get into tissue such as fat and muscle and exert its effect. This is important because we know from cross sectional studies that testosterone is positively correlated with body composition and physical and mental wellbeing.

‘Our future work is going to determine if this phenomenon is also present with masters athletes – those who have been exercising their entire life.’

This work was published for free* in the Society’s open-access journal Endocrine Connections. Endocrine Connections has recently received its first impact factor of 2.541, so now is a great time to submit your research. 

*(Terms & Conditions apply).

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