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A word from the Editor

Amir Sam | A word from the Editor

Worn down by the burden of winter pressures on the NHS or the demands of grant applications to submit and papers to write, we might not have had time to think about the next generation of endocrinologists, or to consider how we might plant, in them, the same love for endocrinology that we ourselves enjoy. However, as spring approaches, with its promise of rebirth and regeneration, there is an opportunity for us to reflect on how our interest in endocrinology was born and nurtured.

In issue 122 of The Endocrinologist, I interviewed our President, Graham Williams, who spoke of those who lit his interest in endocrinology and ignited his passion for research. Many of us can also remember mentors, who found the time to listen, support and encourage us to be the best versions of our endocrine selves. Some of us will also be lucky enough to recollect an inspiring role model who we wanted (or still wish) to be!

This issue of The Endocrinologist invites us to consider how we can all engage in sparking the interest of bright young minds in the challenging, diverse, mysterious, fascinating world of endocrinology. Isaac Newton said, ‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.’ So, with strong shoulders at the ready, let’s commit to supporting our up-and-coming colleagues, by encouraging them to see beyond what we ourselves have achieved. In this way, we will shore up the future of endocrinology by growing the very best clinical and scientific talent, generation after generation.

With warmest good wishes

Amir Sam

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