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Here is the latest highlight from our journal Cover Art Competition, showcasing the best images in endocrinology.

Cover image from Journal of Molecular Endocrinology January 2018
p31 figure-2 formatted.jpg

The image depicts two views of a model of the hIAPP (islet amyloid polypeptide) protofibril derived from crystallographic studies of peptide fragments (Wiltzius JJ et al. 2008 Protein Science 17 1467–1474). Left: A top-down view showing the horseshoe-shaped structure with the N- and C-termini (N-term, C-term) on the same face. There are no intra-peptide backbone hydrogen bonds in the structure; instead the backbone hydrogen bonding occurs between adjacent monomers in one of the stacks. Right: The two stacks are aligned so that two molecules lie antiparallel in the same plane and interact via their side chains. From Raleigh et al. 2017 Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 59 R121–R140. Credit: X Zhang (Stony Brook University, NY, USA).

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