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A word from the Editor

Amir Sam | A word from the Editor

Welcome to the autumn issue of The Endocrinologist, which has been dedicated to diabetes mellitus. We now have a myriad of diagnostic and therapeutic tools in our armamentarium for managing diabetes, which did not exist when most of us were training. Despite remarkable scientific advances, diabetes continues to present inordinate clinical and economic challenges to healthcare providers. In this issue we are looking to the future with several feature articles giving insight into the direction of travel.

Partha Kar’s article welcomes the greater recognition about insulin safety and asks a number of key questions that need to be addressed to reduce insulin errors. Wilma Leslie writes about the role of low energy formula diets in achieving the benefits of weight loss and remission of type 2 diabetes. Wui Hang Cheung gives an account of some of the admirable initiatives undertaken by the Young Diabetologists and Endocrinologists’ Forum to improve the training in diabetes and endocrinology.

Rochan Agha-Jaffar summarises our current understanding of the pathophysiology of gestational diabetes and highlights the importance of prevention strategies. Erika Vainieri and Prash Vas outline the steps to better management of diabetic foot disease as a multi-system, cross-specialty disorder.

James Johnson and Jake Kushner discuss parallels in the complex relationship between insulin and both major forms of diabetes. Sarita Naik reminds us, with some practical tips, that language used in diabetes healthcare can have a profound effect on people with diabetes. Finally, Nick Oliver describes some of the latest advances in diabetes technology, including glucose monitoring and closed loop systems.

I hope this issue goes some way towards answering the question of ‘where are we going’ in the world of diabetes education, research and care.

With warmest good wishes

Amir Sam

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