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Let us help strengthen your clinical practice and services

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The Society’s free Interdepartmental Peer Review scheme aims to review all specialist endocrinology centres in the UK. Take part now in this great opportunity to exchange ideas to help strengthen endocrinology, improve networking and promote good practice.


Join in our voluntary, supportive and non-confrontational review of clinical governance and service delivery to:

  • help support the changes your unit needs
  • reflect on the effectiveness of your current practice
  • recognise your centre’s achievements and build team morale
  • provide impartial reassurance to patients of service quality

Applications from all endocrine centres are now welcome for 2020/21 visits.

Contact: [email protected] for further information and to book a review.

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“I believe the visit was very important – our MD and CEO used the report to lobby primary care trusts whenever they had a chance.”

“Excellent report captured all the current issues within our department and the city as a whole.”

“It actually took less time than I thought to do the self-assessment questionnaire! The time has not been excessive and it has helped us concentrate on ourselves, which often you don’t get the time to do.”

“We have had two new consultants, and one retirement. It was useful to have the review at a time of change to help us prioritise service development.”

“We often feel a bit isolated ... so it was reassuring to learn we’re actually doing quite well!”

“Many thanks to the reviewers for their supportive attitude and for stimulating discussion.”

“Enabled some deficiencies to be highlighted to colleagues in multi-disciplinary teams, i.e. a lever for change.”

“This has been a very worthwhile experience and is highly recommended. It is non-threatening, constructive and informative, delivered with understanding of the real issues at the grass roots of clinical care.”

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