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Working for you: committee success in 2019

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All of the Society’s committees have had a busy year working on a number of initiatives to benefit our members, as well as enhancing research and practice in endocrinology. We’ve highlighted some of their major activities here.


  • Awarded 18 Early Career Grants to support research projects up to a value of £10,000
  • Supported the development of further initiatives to help the Society attract and retain research scientists.
  • Streamlined and enhanced the Career Development Workshop programme for 2020 to include public engagement training
  • Organised a session and participated in the BNA Festival of Neuroscience
Chris McCabe_resize.jpg

“I am proud to be involved in overseeing Society grants and providing excellent programme suggestions for SfE BES, to help advance endocrine research and support the best and brightest scientific talent.”

Chris McCabe, Chair


  • Published joint Position Statements on safe treatment of hyperprolactinaemia and against recent treatment recommendations for subclinical hypothyroidism
  • Recommended 2 years’ minimum protected specialty training time for Endocrinology and Diabetes, which has been acknowledged by the GMC
  • Conducted Interdepartmental Peer Review within three centres, with discussions on how to most effectively share best practice and link with other clinical quality initiatives such as Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT)
  • Established a new working group looking at genetics in endocrinology that aims to develop a series of short guidance documents to ensure easy access to information and education
Stephanie Baldeweg.jpg

“Being part of a committee has fine-tuned my non-clinical skills and has brought many ideas back to my local hospital trust, benefiting my patients and colleagues.”

Stephanie Baldeweg, Chair


  • Developed an evidence guide to support the Competency Framework for Adult Endocrine Nursing to assist endocrine nurse training. The guide gives examples of the evidence that can be utilised to meet the requirements of each level of competence from competent through to expert
  • Started work on developing the third edition of the Framework to include further competencies as well as gaining feedback on format and usability
  • Made funds available to cover tuition costs to encourage nurses to complete the Oxford Brookes Masters-level module in endocrine nursing. Grants have been awarded to five nurses who are just starting their training
  • Established a collaborative relationship with the European Society of Endocrinology Nurse Committee to allow sharing of best practice
  • Formed a working group to produce a Position Statement that outlines best practice for nurse training
Anne Marland.jpg

“I am proud to represent the voice of nurses academically, helping to develop the Society and contribute to its growth and future success as an organisation.”

Anne Marland, Chair


  • Developed a new video prize for undergraduate students to help inspire them to pursue endocrinology
  • Developed collaborative relationships with the European Society of Endocrinology Young Endocrinologists and Scientists (EYES) group
  • Coordinated, in partnership with YDEF, the delivery of a third National Endocrinology and Diabetes Taster Day for medical trainees
  • Successfully organised a symposium at SfE BES 2019 together with a number of networking initiatives for early career endocrinologists and piloted a ‘CV clinic’
Kate Lines.jpg

“I have seen our suggestions recognised, which is very rewarding.”

Kate Lines, Chair


  • Established new editorial board and content editors for You and Your Hormones
  • Co-ordinated a series of public events including the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, Swansea Science Festival and Café Scientifique in Brighton – reaching approximately 1,000 people and providing opportunities for members to volunteer in different parts of the country
  • Inspired 70 key stage 4 students at our schools outreach event held at SfE BES conference
  • Worked with British Science Week to put together teaching activity packs to engage students with hormone science
Maralyn Druce BW.jpg

“We are committed to building the Society’s reputation as a trusted and go-to place for accurate information on hormones.”

Maralyn Druce, Chair


We are regularly looking for new members at all career stages and from all backgrounds to sit on our committees. If you’re interested, keep an eye out for upcoming vacancies.

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