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Images by endocrinologists

| Images by endocrinologists

  • Are you a keen photographer?
  • Do you take photos with your smartphone?

If so, our feature ‘Images by endocrinologists’ is yet another reason to read The Endocrinologist.

Send us your best photos (high resolution please), along with either a reason why you like the shot or, if you prefer, simply a title for your photo, and your name and institution. Your image should be emailed to: [email protected]. The Editorial Board will choose one or more images to publish inside the back cover of each issue of The Endocrinologist.

This issue’s photo was taken by taken by the Expedition Ice Maiden team, whom endocrinologist Rob Gifford studied during the first all-female unassisted Antarctic crossing. Rob said ‘Despite austere conditions and mean weight loss of 10kg over the 1,000km ski traverse, the team demonstrated preserved pituitary, adrenal and ovarian function.’


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