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A word from the Editor

HELEN SIMPSON | A word from the Editor

Well, here it is. Two years have passed, predominantly during a pandemic, and this is my last editorial for The Endocrinologist. Looking back, I can’t put into words what I, and I’m sure all of you reading this, have experienced: parenting, work, having COVID, being repurposed as needed, realising life will never be the same. At least I was spared home schooling. But, within all this, there was learning to have joy and to be grateful.

During peak COVID times, we decided not to commission an entire new issue but, instead, rummaged through the archives. I hope remembering times gone by made you smile.

The Society has been amazingly supportive throughout the last two years. Stephanie Baldeweg, Chair of the Clinical Committee, galvanised us so we could set up resources to keep our patients safe in the early part of the pandemic. We set up the adrenal crisis web page to share information. Now we have the output of the Future of Endocrinology working group to support the reimagining of service delivery, as we rebuild and recover. I hope we carry on working in this collaborative way, sharing information, ideas, talks and resources.

Huge thanks are due to The Endocrinologist crew, Kim Jonas, Doug Gibson, Louise Hunter and Craig Doig, for fun meetings where we thrashed around ideas, titles and terrible jokes. I also thank Jane Shepley, our Managing Editor, who corrals content into a magazine and Lynsey Forsyth in the Society HQ, for pulling together Society content. We have worked very happily virtually for the last 2 years, saving time, money and the planet. Plans now are to create an online version of The Endocrinologist, to further improve our green credentials.

I am terrible at endings. I’d like to say that the crew and I said our fond farewells in Edinburgh, but Kim and I were too busy dancing in our jumpsuits of joy (Doug, Craig − your dance floor absences were noted). So, here are The Beatles saying goodbye, as only they could – probably the best ever final live concert, or more aptly, a piece of history.

I’m sure I’ll see you all soon, on Twitter or in Harrogate, if not before. Keep sending through amazing content. I’m sure The Endocrinologist will go from strength to strength with Kim as Editor.


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