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As mentioned in the last issue, following the success of the first and second editions of the Competency Framework for Adult Endocrine Nursing, the Nurse Committee has been working on a third edition. As well as being a published document, this will also be the basis for an innovative new online platform. We include more details of the new developments here.

Expanded coverage

The framework was built on the Benner ‘Novice to Expert’ approach to the stages of clinical competence, incorporating the levels ‘Competent’, ‘Proficient’ and ‘Expert’. The third edition has expanded to include ‘Novice’ and ‘Advanced Beginner’, which will be aimed at healthcare assistants, nursing associates and student nurses.

The new framework further supports career progression by incorporating the four pillars of advanced practice: (a) clinical, (b) leadership and management, (c) research and (d) education.

The third edition will provide an even more comprehensive framework for members working in adult endocrine nursing. As well as additional levels of competency, eight new competencies are being added, including conditions such as arginine vasopressin deficiency (AVP-D (DI)), hyperprolactinaemia and obesity.

"We are so pleased to see the launch of the online interactive educational platform. Going forward, this will provide nurse members with fantastic opportunities in networking, mentorship, career progression and access to nurse competencies and other key resources. We are grateful to the Society and sponsors for making this happen." Louise Breen, Chair, Nurse Committee

New interactive platform

Nurses’ feedback on the second edition identified a need for a way of recording their progress, as well as of liaising with more senior nurses for support and guidance. This led to the vision and implementation of an online interactive educational platform. Supported by Sandoz, this new resource is currently being trialled with a small number of nurses.

Not only does this platform allow users to track their progress, it provides links through to multimedia resources and, most importantly, the opportunity to link up with other endocrine nurses anywhere in the UK, through its mentoring network feature.

Once we come to the end of this pilot, we will look to open this up to all our nurse members, whether you are aiming to improve your experience overall or in certain areas, or would like to offer to mentor others.

To find out more, or to register your interest, email [email protected].

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