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We have some exciting news: we’re expanding our SfE Online Skills Academy and will be holding new virtual Society Bitesize Webinars.


These webinars will be delivered in a new format, centred around our members. So what’s different?
• They will be shorter (30 minutes), to allow you to access essential information quickly.
• You can influence the topics that are covered, so we can rapidly respond to your training needs.
• These webinars will be delivered in real time, allowing you to discuss topics during the live Q&A, contributing your own experiences and thoughts to the session.


Initially, we will cover key areas relating to ‘Clinic transformation’, with the aim of expanding into other areas in the future.

We will invite clinicians, nurses and NHS management professionals to present topics which will support you in navigating post-pandemic clinics,
as well as offering advice and examples of how to work efficiently and effectively.

Topics to date include:
• How to be a consultant in a new era
• Communicating difficult decisions and treatments
• Advice and Guidance, and Patient Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU)
• Digital health and pathways
• Clinic transformation
• Integrated pathways
• Building business cases
• Nurse-led services (for clinicians)
• GP practice and primary to secondary care interface.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for topics that would suit the new format, simply email us at [email protected]

Register for a webinar via 'Events' in the Members' Area

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