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KIM JONAS | A word from the Editor

A warm welcome to the summer edition of The Endocrinologist! This issue delves into how our changing lifestyle and environment is affecting our health and wellbeing. In his conversation with Louise Hunter, Roelof Hut follows up his talk at SfE BES 2022 by discussing the impact of the mismatch that climate change is bringing between seasons and photoperiods. A number of articles discuss endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and how animal models and human studies have enhanced our understanding on their mechanisms of action and resulting pathophysiological responses. Reading these articles and the opinion piece by Stuart Milligan, it is evident that while we have begun to understand and identify the mechanism of how EDCs and our environment are impacting our overall health and that of generations to come, the interventions to tackle this are less tangible and fraught with complexities. The concept of ‘One Health’ remains an important challenge, and something that I urge early career researchers to consider when thinking about their next steps.

Later in this issue you’ll see that your Society needs you! There are several governance vacancies. Being a member of a committee is an opportunity to contribute to the voice of UK endocrinology, be it through public engagement initiatives, position statements, or lobbying government. Having sat on several committees over the years, I can vouch for it being a very rewarding experience – it’s also a great way to network and get to know fellow endocrinologists from around the UK.

John Newell-Price, who has long been an active member of the Society, was recently elected as the first ever non-US-based President of the Endocrine Society across the pond. We got the scoop on his plans in an interview in this issue.

Wishing you all a happy, restful and (not too!) warm summer vacation.


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