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In 2020–2021, the Society for Endocrinology undertook a review of its governance structures and processes, to ensure that we continue to operate in line with current best practice, and are able to fulfil our mission as effectively as possible. 

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) emerged as an important theme in this review and, to ensure that this issue could be given sufficient attention, the Society established a limited working group to investigate how EDI practices could be better embedded throughout the Society’s membership, governance and activities.

Channa Jayasena, an ex-officio member of Council, agreed to Chair the EDI Working Group. Members were recruited in the summer of 2022 via an open call to the whole membership.

The EDI Working Group focused on three main themes:

  • increasing participation in Society governance
  • overcoming barriers to membership
  • embedding a culture of EDI (relating specifically to EDI questions from the 2020–2021 Governance Review).

The EDI Working Group reported to Council with a list of recommendations. Council voted on the recommendations, and all bar one were approved. The one that was not approved was deferred to a new group, which is going to review the complete portfolio of Society prizes and awards.

Importantly, Council has approved a new set of guiding principles for the Society (see below). These principles will form the basis of the Society’s EDI policy and act as a framework for all Society activities moving forward. Council will also actively monitor progress in EDI on an annual basis.


  • Dr Channa Jayasena Chair, Clinical Academic, London
  • Ms Leanne Delbene Nurse, Taunton
  • Dr Taha Elajnaf Early Career Scientist, Oxford
  • Dr Anneke Graf Early Career Clinician in Practice, Harlow
  • Dr Kagabo Hirwa Early Career Clinician in Practice, Plymouth
  • Dr Nauman Jadoon Early Career Clinician in Practice, Kilmarnock
  • Dr Mamta Joshi Clinician in Practice, Sutton
  • Dr Li Kang Scientist, Dundee
  • Dr Ashutosh Kapoor Clinician in Practice, London
  • Dr George Lam Early Career Clinician in Practice, Frimley
  • Dr Sath Nag Clinician in Practice, Middlesbrough
  • Dr Cristina Perez Ternero Early Career Scientist, London
  • Dr Kiserah Philip Student Clinical Academic, London


  • The Society must demonstrate that every person professionally interested in endocrinology is welcome as an equal, and adopt a clear set of values that include equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • All members must have equal opportunities to hold a position within the Society’s structure – including governance – regardless of their location in the UK, career stage or protected characteristic. Where specific knowledge or experience is needed to fulfil a role, this will be clearly communicated through a detailed job description.
  • The Society will aim to have equitable representation from across the membership within its Council, as far as is practical.
  • All governance vacancies and opportunities to be involved in Society activities will be advertised openly to the whole membership and selection will be based on having the necessary skills, experience and motivation for the role, as set out in the formal job description.
  • If any member who is involved in a committee or other Society activities takes a career break for any reason, the Society will endeavour, where possible, to ensure that they are still able to take full advantage of the opportunity.
  • All efforts will be made to ensure that the overall provision of support, in the form of grants, prizes and awards, benefits the membership equally. Selection of members for support will be made through a fair and equitable process, with clear criteria for success.

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