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My PhD research was on pituitary hormone G protein-coupled receptors, and I always felt welcomed and supported at this early stage of my training at all endocrine meetings. [After my post-doc] I came back to my first love of reproductive endocrinology, and was again struck by the real sense of community within this field.

Aylin Hanyaloglu


I found the physiology at medical school fascinating, and I remember thinking that the feed-forward−feedback loops sounded particularly neat. Then, during my early training, I was very fortunate to be appointed as an SHO in endocrinology at Hammersmith Hospital, and I found the detective work that goes into an endocrine case really compelling and intellectually challenging. Many of the symptoms our patients describe are on a continuum with normal life, and it was fascinating to try to work out which parts of the story were about endocrine pathology and which features were down to the trials of life.

Saira Hameed


I enjoy the challenges of looking after people of all ages and backgrounds with multisystem conditions caused by hormonal dysregulation. I was and remain inspired by my endocrine colleagues for their attention to detail whilst treating their patients holistically, and enjoy working closely as a team with clinicians and other allied health care professionals in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Adele Beck


Endocrinology appeals to my logical mind. I love the balance and order, too much is bad, too little is bad and everything is linked. Steroid endocrinology is the study of this balance and changes therein, and I get to use a mass spectrometer to investigate it everyday, so it’s a win–win for me!

Angela Taylor


I love puzzles, and trying to figure out if there is an endocrine cause for a patient’s symptoms, and the process of making the correct diagnosis, are very similar to the problem-solving approach I use to solve puzzles.

Chioma Izzi-Engbeaya


Different motivations at different stages: initially it was well-taught at university, which immediately caught my attention. Subsequent rotations as a junior doctor confirmed that all endocrinologists are friendly and great mentors(!) and, finally, the subject matter spans across a lot of specialties, and opportunities in research and education are the norm rather than the exception.

Risheka Walls


I’ve been interested in the specialty since medical school, and felt at ease to be with similar minds (and geekiness) during my SHO endocrinology post.

Elaine Hui


It chose me! As a developmental biologist, I was generating mouse models of disease. The mice I was working on had a phenotype in the pituitary gland that I could not ignore. I fell in love with this magnificent organ after working with it for a while, and then with the endocrine system in general. So I decided to stick with it.

Cynthia Andoniadou


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