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Last autumn, we invited applications from Society members to join the Editorial Board of The Endocrinologist and help shape this magazine over the next couple of years. We had a brilliant response, and are delighted to introduce the new faces who have joined Kim Jonas, Craig Doig, Sophie Clarke and Gareth Nye on the Board.

Top row L-R: Victoria Chatzimavridou-Grigoriadou, John Hough, Zin Htut, Edouard Mills. Bottow row L-R:  Greg Panagiotou, Cosmina Schiteanu, Bhavna Sharma, Vincent Simpson and Angela Taylor

Top row L-R: Victoria Chatzimavridou-Grigoriadou, John Hough, Zin Htut, Edouard Mills. Bottow row L-R: Greg Panagiotou, Cosmina Schiteanu, Bhavna Sharma, Vincent Simpson and Angela Taylor


VICTORIA CHATZIMAVRIDOU-GRIGORIADOU – I am a specialty registrar in endocrinology and diabetes based at the University of Manchester and the Christie Hospital. I have an interest in endocrine late effects of cancer therapies and metabolic bone disease. My research focuses on pelvic radiotherapy-related insufficiency fractures. I am looking forward to all the collaborative brainstorming sessions with the Editorial Board and delving into all aspects of endocrinology!

JOHN HOUGH – I am a senior lecturer in exercise physiology at Nottingham Trent University. My research focuses on the endocrine and immune responses to external stressors (e.g. exercise training and mental stress) and their alterations during recovery. I look forward to engaging with colleagues on the Editorial Board and supporting The Endocrinologist to serve all of the Society’s members well.

ZIN HTUT – I am a specialist registrar in endocrinology and diabetes in north-west London, and am currently undertaking a PhD at Imperial College London. My primary interest lies in the pituitary, and my PhD project focuses on advancing the diagnosis and management of Cushing’s disease. I look forward to contributing to and learning from the Editorial Board, as well as engaging with articles showcasing emerging therapies and advances in diagnostic technologies.

EDOUARD MILLS – I am an NIHR clinical lecturer in endocrinology, based at Imperial College London. I completed an MRC-funded PhD in 2022, in which I conducted the first-into-patient studies investigating whether we can use the reproductive hormone kisspeptin to treat people distressed by low sexual desire. I’m fascinated by all areas of endocrinology, with a particular interest in reproductive and bone disorders.

GRIGORIOS (GREG) PANAGIOTOU – I am a clinical lecturer in diabetes and endocrinology at the University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke’s Hospital. I am particularly interested in the endocrinology of adipose and muscle tissue, and personalised prevention and treatment of cardiometabolic diseases, including non-classical targets of cardiovascular risk reduction. I would really like to see more content in The Endocrinologist from early career colleagues, from the UK or worldwide, and to use the magazine as a forum to connect with aspiring endocrinologists internationally

COSMINA SCHITEANU – I am an endocrine nurse specialist at Royal Stoke University Hospital, Staffordshire. My passion for endocrinology has developed since I started this job back in 2022. I am amazed by how important hormones are and how they can affect our day-to-day life. I am particularly interested in pituitary conditions, although I find all endocrine systems intriguing. Every day is a teaching day in this job, as no patient is the same in the way they present to our clinics.

BHAVNA SHARMA – I’m a specialty trainee in diabetes and endocrinology in north-west London, currently pursuing research in pituitary and growth hormone whilst juggling life as a new mum. I’m hoping to make the magazine more relevant to new trainees, and applicable to daily life and the journeys of budding endocrinologists.

VINCENT SIMPSON – I’m a diabetes and endocrinology doctor and researcher into the diagnosis of diabetes, based in Exeter. I have an interest in research with clinical impact and in improving the sustainability of healthcare. I’m excited to start working with The Endocrinologist to help support the wide range of articles published, and I’m particularly keen to see more patient stories.

ANGELA E TAYLOR – I am a senior research fellow and the technology lead for the Steroid Metabolome Analysis Core (SMAC) Facility at the University of Birmingham. I am an analytical chemist interested in developing quantitative steroid, vitamin D and thyroid hormone focused mass spectrometry assays. My research interests include developing diagnostic tests for adrenal cancer, investigating trauma and recovery, and hormone metabolism throughout the lifetime.


We are still open to applications from scientist members, to ensure we cover the best and most interesting updates from endocrinology labs around the UK and beyond. Simply email [email protected] to express your interest and find out more.

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