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Webinar topics

Initially we will cover key areas relating to Clinic Transformation, with the aim to expand into other areas in the future.


  • Wednesday 6 September, Nurse led services for Clinicians/all healthcare professionals, Annette Lee
  • Wednesday 4 October, Integrated pathways, Afroze Abbas
  • Wednesday  6 December, Advice & Guidance and Patient Initiated Follow up, Rupa Ahluwalia

 We welcome any future topic suggestions, please get in touch [email protected] 


Past topics 

  • Wednesday 3 May, Communicating difficult decisions/treatments, Simon Pearce
  • Wednesday 1 March, Building business cases, Mo Aye
  • Monday 17 April, Engaging the patient asynchronously, Doug Robertson
  • Wednesday 7 June, Consultant in a new era, Sophie Clarke 
  • Wednesday 5 July, Digital Health and Pathways, Helen Simpson