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Do you have an interesting or challenging case that you believe will help others advance their understanding of endocrinology?

The Society for Endocrinology is delighted to invite the submission of cases for the next National Clinical Cases Meeting.
Showcasing ten oral communications chosen from the highest-scoring cases, the National Clinical Cases Meeting provides the ideal forum to share cases and experiences with other clinicians.

Why submit your work?

  • Present research and share professional experiences that could have a significant impact within the field of endocrinology
  • Gain recognition for your work and receive feedback from peers and senior endocrinologists
  • Become eligible for one of the eight Society prizes available exclusively to accepted case authors only
  • If your case is accepted for presentation you will be entitled to a discounted open access publication in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports, a Society for Endocrinology-endorsed online resource

The presenting author of cases accepted for presentation will be notified in February. Ten cases will be invited for oral presentation and all others will be invited to be displayed as posters. A book of cases will be made available to all delegates attending the meeting.

Online case submission

Case submission deadline – Monday 22 January 2018

Cases MUST be submitted through our online system using the below format:

Title: In bold lower case (except for the first letter of proper nouns) 

Word count limit: 25 words

Authors and Affiliations: No titles, no full stops, lower case and single spaces between initials and between initial and surname.

Abstract body:

Section: Case history Body text here

Section: Investigations Body text here

Section: Results and treatment Body text here

Section: Conclusions and points for discussion Body text here

Word count limit: 400 words

Please note: We reserve the right to make changes to the format of the case in order to maintain a standard layout

Online case submission

If you encounter any issues with your case submission. please contact our conference team.