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Dr Boelart is a clinical academic endocrinologist with a special interest in thyroid disease. She makes a
continuously strong contribution to the endocrine community for the benefit of patients and colleagues
though her participation in the Clinical committee of SfE. This was especially evident throughout the
pandemic crisis when she had input and/ or leadership in several guidance documents for endocrine
management during Covid-19.

The main project she is nominated for is the NICE guidance. Kristien successfully chaired the
NICE working group on Thyroid disease: assessment and management which published its guidance at
the end of 2019. This was a mammoth task. This guideline covers investigating all suspected thyroid
disease and managing primary thyroid disease for healthcare professionals, commissioners and
providers as well as people with thyroid disease, their families and carers with a likely positive effect on
patient experience, standard of care and in some areas cost savings to the NHS.