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Congratulations to our 2021 medal and award winners!

17 Nov 2020

Join us in congratulating all of our 2021 medal and award winners. These individuals have helped significantly advance our knowledge and clinical practice in the field of endocrinology, and have been recognised by their colleagues for their scientific excellence. All medallists will be presenting plenary lectures next year at SfE BES 2021. See all of the winners listed below.
Dale Medal - Professor Sadaf Farooqi
European Medal - Professor Greet Van den Berghe
International Medal - Professor Mark Febbraio
Jubilee Medal - Professor Stephen Shalet 
Nikki Kieffer Medal - Mrs Anne Marland
Society Medal - Professor Jeremy Tomlinson
Starling Medal - Professor Roland Stimson
Transatlantic Medal - Dr David D Moore
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Teaching Achievement Award 2021 winners
Sheba Jarvis       
Niamh Martin   
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Outstanding Clinical Practitioner Award 2021 winners
Prof Kristien Boelaert     
Dr Helen Simpson   
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