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Our myth-busting podcast on hormones is back for a second series

08 Nov 2021

Hormones: the Inside Story, our expert-led, myth-busting podcast uncovering the truth about hormones and health is back for a second series on 8 November 2021. Listen to the trailer now!

Building on the huge success of last year’s debut series, the Society for Endocrinology and First Create The Media have produced series two, which continues examining the stories and the science behind hormones, cutting through the myths and misinformation, providing real facts and enabling everyone to make better decisions about their health.

This is a hugely important project, overseen by our Public Engagement Committee, that contributes to the Society's aims of informing the public about the role hormones play in all aspects of human life, as well as building awareness of our information resources and our You & Your Hormones website. Several members have contributed to the episodes, which present an exciting platform for members to communicate with the public, in an increasingly digital world.

We hope to make these a great success, cutting through all the misinformation already out there in the media on hormones and health, so encourage you to share and promote them too.

With the help of presenter Georgia Mills, this series uncovers the truth about how hormones affect our growth, weight, mood, how we age and our declining fertility. Speaking with leading experts, she'll be finding out about the controversies around the male menopause, fasting and weight loss, whether there really is a fertility crisis and if you can beat the aging process or boost your happiness by hacking your hormones.

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Don't take our word for it - read these 5 star reviews from Apple Podcasts: 

"Educational and entertaining. Interesting and relevant content brilliantly presented, with a great balance of expert input. Informative, interesting, accessible.”

"Perfectly paced. ‘Hormones’ isn’t a subject that would normally detain me for too long, but this series kept me entertained and informed throughout."

"Love this podcast! The host has a really clever way of breaking down the information from the experts to make it fun and easy to understand!”