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Society awards new Early Career Grants

14 Jul 2021

We have just awarded 9 Early Career Grants of up to £10,000 to help fund another round of cutting-edge research projects, as part of our aim to advance scientific research in endocrinology.

We wish all awardees good luck and look forward to learning about your future findings.

    • Robert Allan (University of Central Lancashire)
      The influence of acute and chronic low temperature on local bone mineral density and systemic markers of bone health
    • Sinead McGlacken Byrne (UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health)
      Characterising the role of non-coding small RNA species in post-transcriptional gene expression regulation in the human fetal ovary at critical developmental stages
    • Steven Millership (Imperial College London)
      Functional characterisation of a novel and epistable beta cell subpopulation with proliferative potential
    • Kleopatra Alexiadou (Imperial College London)
      The effect of GLP-1 on the immune system in obesity and type 2 diabetes: an anti-inflammatory action
    • Phyllis Phuah (Imperial College London)
      Investigating the role of the Coeliac-Superior Mesenteric ganglia in pancreatic hormone release and glucose homeostasis
    • Milan Muso (Institute of Metabolic Science, Cambridge)
      Testing deleterious SIRT6 variants for effect on glucose uptake and IGF1 levels in humans
    • Grace Salsbury (William Harvey Research Institute, London)
      Development and characterisation of novel CRISPR/Cas9 KO cell lines of FH and SDHAF2 as models of PPGL
    • Catriona Hilton (University of Oxford)
      The role of Erythroferrone in regulating human body fat distribution
    • David Clayton (Nottingham Trent University)
      A novel 4-day evening fasting intervention to support appetite, glycaemia and energy balance management, in lean adults.


Early Career Members can apply in the next round of our Early Career Grant awards – deadline is Wednesday 10 November 2021.