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Masters-level module in Endocrine Nursing

Society for Endocrinology in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University offer a Masters-level module in Endocrine Nursing by a work-based learning approach

Worth a 20 credits (level 7), this new module is suitable for distance learning for nurses across the UK and worldwide and compliments a wide range of nursing courses already provided by Oxford Brookes University. The credits can be directly counted towards the Oxford Brookes University MSc in Health Sciences or transferred to Masters-level qualifications at other institutions.

The module incorporates a reflective portfolio, such as the one developed as part of the Society's Certificate in Adult Endocrine Nursing, enhanced by focussing on aspects of the Society's Competency Framework for Adult Endocrine Nursing. The module ensures its academic rigor by ending with a 2,500 word reflective essay.

Full guidance on undertaking the module, details of the criteria and how to structure your portfolio, along with other information in the candidate guidelines below: 

Candidate guidelines

For further information or an informal discussion, please contact Rachel Austin

Please note that this module replaces the Society Certificate in Adult Endocrine Nursing from 1 September 2016. Any nurses who are currently working towards this Certificate, should contact Rachel Austin to discuss a timeline for completion and/or how to convert onto the Masters Level Module in Endocrine Nursing.