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Issue 126 Winter 2017

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Extra special: Endocrine-Related Cancer marks research milestones

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It’s been a busy time for the Editors of Society journal Endocrine-Related Cancer. They’ve been working hard to compile a swathe of special issues, with most focusing on anniversaries of significant discoveries in the field.

The September 2017 issue, guest-edited by Karen Crasta and Ritu Aneja, celebrated 50 years of research on tubulin and cancer. This was swiftly followed by the 20th anniversary of MEN1 in the October issue, guest-edited by Frank Weber and Lois Mulligan. A further special issue on MEN2 is due for February 2018.

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The December 2017 issue covers the hot topic of immunotherapy and cancer, in an issue guest-edited by Laura Sterian Ward and Joanne Ngeow.

Finally (phew!), 2018 sees the 65th anniversary of the discovery of the double helix. A special issue will discuss the impact of genomics and new technologies in endocrine cancer research and care, guest-edited by Editor-in-Chief Charis Eng, William Foulkes and Jérôme Bertherat.

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