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What it takes to bring you SfE BES

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Our annual flagship event is the highlight of the Society calendar. This year we saw 1,100 attendees in Harrogate. A huge number of people take a lot of time planning to make sure we consistently bring you the best cutting-edge endocrinology, for an enjoyable event that runs like clockwork. This is what it takes for each event…

3 years of planning

3,000 hours of organising venue, programme, abstracts, registrations, exhibition, sales, marketing, press, IT, finance


Around 200 hours of Programme Secretary time

22 hours of committee meetings

92 markers and 15 judges for the hundreds of submitted abstracts

Around 150 symposium suggestions

Up to 40 onsite organisers


And also

  • 3 rolls of Velcro
  • 680 litres of coffee
  • 120 metres of signage

 Around £500,000 of costs, with about £13,000 net cost to the Society (after income from delegate fees and sponsorship) (based on figures from 2016 event).



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Society for Endocrinology BES 2018 Glasgow, UK, 19–21 November 

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