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While the ongoing pandemic has massively disrupted endocrine service provision, it has also lent us the opportunity to consider how services might be configured if we were to start ‘afresh’ and design anew.

Last year, our Future of Endocrinology working group was set up, co-chaired by John Newell-Price (Sheffield) and Kristien Boelaert (Birmingham). The remit is wide-ranging, with multiple partners, and includes attention to innovative models of care, remote working, patient pathways, teaching and training, research and innovation, and sharing of best practice. One area, ‘Response to COVID-19’, has already been completed and is live on the Society’s website.

Visit our COVID-19 resources


One of the outputs from this group will be the creation of a new Society-managed resource bank that will allow members to share examples of protocols, template letters, information sheets, care models − and more − with other Society members. We hope that this will reduce the current amount of ‘reinventing the wheel’ necessary for each Trust, and allow members to effectively learn from what other clinician or nurse members have already put into practice.

If you have suggestions for useful content where you feel there is a gap or, alternatively, helpful resources that you’d be willing to share in this way, please let us know at [email protected].

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