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Streamlining NHS services with specialised endocrinology networks

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During a number of my Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) visits, my colleagues and I discussed the management and experience of rarer cases in endocrinology and, more specifically, the importance of having readily available expertise.

Clearly, experience of looking after rarer cases (for example, of hypoparathyroidism) is essential. So, we developed the idea of having a number of special interest networks across the country under the aegis of the Society for Endocrinology. The Specialised Endocrinology Clinical Reference Group is also looking at this network format to develop more coherent NHS services.

In the last couple of months, we have gone a significant way in setting up groups with special interests in:

  • bone and mineral endocrinology (led by Jeremy Turner and Neil Gittoes)
  • andrology (led by Channa Jayasena)
  • transgender medicine (led by Leighton Seal).

Our aim is to bring together groups of clinicians in similar geographical locations, who are especially interested in these conditions.

'The purpose of these networks would be to ensure the provision of experience in some of these rarer forms of endocrinology, within each locality.'

The purpose of these networks would be to ensure the provision of experience in some of these rarer forms of endocrinology, within each locality. In addition to improving the management of patients, networks would be a great source of teaching resources for our trainees and colleagues. The combined strength within each network could also be used to set up and run research programmes in these subspecialties. We envisage that these groups will meet two to three times a year (virtually at first).

The Society for Endocrinology’s Clinical Committee have approved and support this invaluable initiative. You will soon receive invitations from the Society to apply to join these groups. I strongly encourage you to do so; this is an important scheme for the advancement and standardisation of specialised patient care.

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