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As you may be aware, the Society instigated a full review of its governance processes and structure in 2020. Headed by Professor Karen Chapman, this member-led project surveyed the membership, as well as undertaking a number of interviews with those involved in the Society’s governance.

Following the conclusion of the review in summer 2021, the findings, now known as ‘The Chapman Report’ were published and a consultation period was held. Council then met in September to debate and agree which recommendations should be taken forward at this time.

The main recommendations that are being implemented are as described below.

  • It is vital that the Society represents all its different types of members, encouraging under-represented groups to get involved in its governance. Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) considerations are of great importance to the future of the Society, and a new member-led working group will be set up to consider the points raised and recommendations made in the governance review. We are currently recruiting a member of Council to chair this group, before an open call is made for volunteers from across the Society membership.
  • To address the need for more inclusive election processes, to foster better member engagement and diversity with the governance at all levels, the Society will move from a nomination- to an application-based model, with member voting. The Society will increase the transparency around all the processes involved in governance, including clear job descriptions and desirable skills for each position. We are currently agreeing the timings for these elections and will publish the details in the next issue of The Endocrinologist.
  • This transparency will also be extended to the processes for medals, prizes and grants.
  • To raise the importance of education and training, and supporting future generations within the Society, members from across all the Committees will meet to review past results and set the strategy, looking forwards.

The complete Chapman Report is being finalised and is due to be shared with the full membership in early 2022.

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