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Research Grant

To support members’ research and audit activities.

The Society offers small grants and grants-in-aid to support members with any aspect of research and audit costs (except salary and institutional overheads). A non-exclusive list of examples, would include consumables, equipment, service provision, data analysis, facility access, seed funding for pilot studies or to complete projects. These grants are particularly suitable for supporting unanticipated costs to complete the final stages of a PhD or Early Career Researcher (ECR) project or for enabling the collection of preliminary data to leverage funding from national funding bodies.

Pedagogical research in endocrinology is also allowed under the scope of the research grant section providing the research outcomes are clearly justified.

Support for visits to other institutions which are essential to the project will also be considered. For example, your project may require visits to labs and other institutions for research or clinical skills, to form collaborations or to learn techniques. In exceptional circumstances, the Society will consider funding for professional training courses where they are directly related to endocrinology. Applicants should not include requests for travel to present findings at meetings or otherwise disseminate the results of the study.

The Society also welcomes applications which assist members to re-establish their research after a career break or change of field.



The next deadline is 11:59 (BST) on Wednesday 22 May 2024 

The final deadline of 2024 is 11:59 (BST) on Wednesday 2 October 2024 

There will be 3 deadlines a year and applications for all 5 grants types will be accepted at each deadline.


Barriers to application have been removed and ALL members will be eligible to apply for ALL grants; Single
and multiple co-applicant applications are welcome from members. However, the only caveat is that
Student Members should not be the primary applicant, but are welcome to be a named co-applicant,
which will benefit their CV and career development.

Primary Applicants should have been a Society member for at least one year prior to the grant deadline or
for 6 months for an Early Career member.

Society for Endocrinology affiliated Patient Support Groups are welcome to apply for the Outreach grant,
either alone, jointly with another affiliated Patient Support Group or in collaboration with Society

How to apply

Guidance for applicants Application form Grant report form


Please view the guidance for applicants for further information, including indicative values for grants, and submit completed applications forms as Word documents to [email protected] by the appropriate deadline.

All grants are highly competitive and so applicants are encouraged to read the guidance carefully in
advance, to be specific and detailed when answering questions on the application form and to seek advice
and feedback from colleagues before submitting the final application.

Successful grant awardees will be required to submit a report and details of the timeline will be provided in
the award letter. There may be additional expectations of outcomes from the applicants as detailed in each grant type.

If you have additional questions or seek clarification, before applying, please contact [email protected].