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Aims and Benefits of the Awards Programme

The Society Leadership and Development Awards Programme is designed to recognise and nurture emerging talent in endocrinology. 


The Awards Programme was devised as part of the Society’s strategy to advance and support endocrinology and aims to:

  • Identify and support future leaders in our discipline
  • Provide an opportunity for Awardees to network and collaborate with senior-level clinical endocrinologists and scientists, and with each other
  • Enhance Awardees' professional profiles and foster career development
  • Cement ties between Awardees and the Society so that Awardees have structured opportunities to engage with, and support, the Society throughout their careers.

Duration of the Award

  • The Award will be for three years, starting on 1 November, and is aimed at eligible early career clinician or basic scientist Society members*.
  • Progression from one year of the Award to the next is dependent on submission of an annual report and approval from the Selection Panel**

Applications will be reviewed by a specially chosen Selection Panel.

*A comparable programme tailored for nurses will be considered by the Nurse Committee in the future.

**Awardees are expected to participate enthusiastically and engage with the opportunities provided for progression


A wide range of benefits will be available to Awardees, including certain defined benefits and self-selectable optional benefits, depending on their career development requirements.

Please note that applicants need to be based in the UK for the duration of the Award in order to realise sufficient benefit.

Defined benefits for all Awardees:

  • Expenses paid attendance at the annual SfE BES conference, each year of the award
  • Increased exposure and networking opportunities at the SfE BES conference, which may include: 

          - formal introduction at the Welcome Reception and/or Conference Dinner
          - pairing with a plenary/international speaker or established Societys members to provide networking and future collaboration opportunities

  • A leadership training course undertaken in year 1 or 2
  • A Visiting Fellowship (expenses up to £2,000) to visit another institution to forge new collaborations or learn new skills (undertaken in year 2 or 3)
  • Access to members of an Advisory Group to provide ad hoc career support and advice 
  • Complimentary membership of the Society for Endocrinology for the duration of the Award

Optional benefits:

Subject to feasibility, these may include, but are not limited to:

  • Experience of the work of committees, journal editorial boards, working groups, guideline and position statement writing groups and interdepartmental peer review
  • Opportunities to develop public engagement skills and contribute to public engagement activities

 Selection Process               

  • Applications will be reviewed by members of a Selection Panel comprising a Chair, three scientists, three clinical academics and three clinicians-in-practice
  • Applications will be grouped by the category of applicant (scientist, clinical academic, clinician-in-practice) and marked and ranked within those categories, as each will have different career trajectories and may not be directly comparable.
  • The Selection Panel will meet to discuss all applications and award individuals across all three categories, based on the quality of the application and benefit to the applicant, and ensure awards granted across all three categories meet equivalently high academic standards.
  • The Selection Panel will make up to 7 Awards each year. However, the final number will be entirely dependent on the quality of applications received