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Selection Panel

Consisting of scientists, clinical academics and clinicians-in-practice, the Selection Panel is responsible for identifying outstanding early career talent that may lead our discipline in the future.

The Selection Panel will consist of nine members (three scientists, three clinical academics and three clinicians-in-practice) plus a Chair.

Selection Panel remit

Current members:

Professor Marta Korbonits (Chair) (London)

Professor Leanne Hodson (Oxford)

Professor Karen Chapman (Edinburgh)

Dr Craig Beall (Exeter)

Dr Georgina Page (Bournemouth)

Dr Akheel Syed (Salford)

Dr Robert Murray (Leeds)

Professor Jeremy Tomlinson (Oxford)

Professor John Newell-Price (Sheffield)

Dr Kristien Boelaert (Birmingham)


Selection Panel Recruitment

Help secure the future of endocrinology by recognising emerging talent.

Join the Selection Panel for the new Society Leadership and Development Awards Programme and you can help support emerging talent and identify future leaders in our field.

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View Selection Panel remit


The Selection Panel, consisting of scientists, clinical academics, clinicians-in-practice and Chaired by Prof Marta Korbonits, will be responsible for reviewing applications to identify outstanding early career talent that may lead our discipline in the future. The Leadership and Development Awards Programme was devised as part of the Society’s strategy to advance and support endocrinology and will provide a wide range of opportunities for early career endocrinologists to help them to develop naturally into future leaders of our discipline.

We currently have vacancies for one Scientist, one clinical academic and one clinician-in-practice member to join the panel from 1 January 2022.

If you are a full Society member and interested in advancing our discipline by helping to identify the leaders of tomorrow, apply to join the Selection Panel by Friday 1 October 2021 by sending a short CV and brief statement indicating your suitability for the role to

Applications will be reviewed by the Selection Panel at their meeting in July and successful applicants will be announced shortly afterwards.

Learn more about eligibility and the benefits of the Leadership and Development Awards Programme (this would link to the webpages).